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Full Tilt Poker Razz Game Summary

Although Pokerstars has more overall traffic, Full Tilt Poker actually gets more traffic for Razz games. They also have the best traffic for high-stakes Razz Poker. During peak hours they have plenty of traffic for Razz sit-n-go tournaments, and offer some good multi-table tournaments as well. During off-peak hours it’s tough to find a full, 8 player sit-n-go, but heads-up Razz tournaments are always active.

Cash game players can always find busy Razz tables. Up to $3/6 stays busy all day, and games up to $100/200 get busy during peak hours.

Full Tilt Poker offers a daily $2,000 guaranteed Razz tournament. This tournament has a $24+2 buy-in cost, and usually generates a $3000 prize pool. Very few poker websites have daily guaranteed Razz tournaments, so this is a nice feature.

There is also a weekly $5,000 guaranteed Razz tournament that runs every Tuesday evening. This tournament has a direct buy-in of $69+6, and satellites can be played for $12, or 300 Full Tilt Points.

Full Tilt Poker hosts the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS), an extremely popular series similar in structure to the World Series of Poker. Each FTOPS event has big Razz tournament with the chance to take down a huge prize. In FTOPS XIII, event #21 was a $150,000 guaranteed Razz Poker tournament with a $300+22 direct buy-in. The tournament ended up with a prize pool of $164,100, and the winner DurangoDan35 took home almost $39,000. That’s a big Razz tournament! This event had 547 players, most of whom won their seats by playing in satellite tournaments. Satellites for FTOPS events start for as little as $1 or 50 Full Tilt Points.

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Full Tilt Poker Razz Competition

Competition in the lower stakes Razz games are very weak. While almost every table will have a couple of decent players, the typical table will also have 2 or 3 terrible players who can be wiped out. Many of the players at this level are trying to learn Razz so they can improve their HORSE game. For most HORSE players, Limit Razz is their worst game. So, many of them come directly to the Razz poker tables to try to improve their game. Once they have a decent handle on it, they return to their HORSE games. This provides a consistent stream of new, inexperienced players to the micr0 & low-stakes limit Razz tables. This gives good Razz players a chance to pull down nice profits relative to the game size.

In the mid to high-stakes Razz games the competition gets much better. While the games are still very beatable, you’ll usually find a much better quality of competition the higher stakes you play.

Big tournaments like the FTOPS Razz tournaments offer good players a great chance to make money. Most players in the FTOPS events won a seat by playing in a satellite tournament, and the overall player quality is very poor.

Full Tilt Poker Razz Cash Games

Full Tilt Poker Razz cash games are available at the following limits:

$.05/.10, $.10/.20, $.25/.50, $.50/1, $1/2, $2/4, $3/6, $5/10, $8/16, $10/20, $15/30, $20/40, $30/60, $50/100, $100/200, $200/400, $300/600, $500/1000, $1000/2000, $2000/4000

All games are fixed limit, with 2, 7 and 8 player max tables.

Play money Razz Poker tables are available as well, but we suggest you move to micro-stakes tables as quickly as possible. Playing in free games creates bad habits that are difficult to get rid of. Even the lowest stakes games will provide more serious competition, which will help you play better and learn faster.

Full Tilt Poker Razz Tournaments

Full Tilt Poker offers a nice selection of Razz Poker tournaments. Whether you prefer sit-n-go tournaments or big, multi-table tournaments, Full Tilt has it.

Single table, 8 player sit-n-go tournaments are available for: $1.25, $1.25 turbo, $2.25, $2.25 turbo, $5.50, $6.50 turbo, $11, $12 turbo, $22, $24 turbo, $33, $36 turbo, $55, $60 turbo, $109, $119 turbo, $216, $236 turbo, $320, $350 turbo, $530, $555 turbo, $1050, $1100 turbo, $2090, $2190

Turbo sit-n-go’s have 3 minute blinds, and players start with 1500 chips. Regular formats have 6 minute blinds, and also 1500 chip starting stacks. In comparison, regular Pokerstars Razz sit-n-go tournaments have 10 minute blinds, and turbos have 5 minute blinds. Pokerstars sit-n-go tournaments have the same 1500 chip starting stacks.

Full Tilt Poker Razz sit-n-go tournaments are also available in heads-up and Matrix formats. In Matrix sit-n-go tournaments you’ll play at 4 tables at a time, against all of the same players. The top 3 players at each table make the money, and the top players overall win a bonus.

$2000 Daily Guaranteed Razz Tournament

This tournament begins at 20:15 every night, has a buy-in of $24+2, and satellite tokens for this tournament can be won for as little as $4.40 or 50 Full Tilt Points (FTP’s). The prize pool usually reaches the $3000 range, with a top prize around $900. Players start with 2000 chips, and the blinds go up every 10 minutes.

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$5000 Daily Guaranteed Razz Tournament

Beginning at 20:45 every Sunday, the $5000 weekly guaranteed Razz tournament at Full Tilt Poker has a direct buy-in of $69+6, and satellites can be played for as little as $12. The top prize for this tournament is generally around $1500-2000, with a total prize pool over $6000.

Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) Razz Tournaments

Each Full Tilt Poker FTOPS series has a big Razz tournament. The last one had a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000 and a top prize that paid out almost $39,000. There were 547 entrants, and a $300+22 buy-in. Satellite tournaments for FTOPS events start for as little as $1 or 50 FTP’s.

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Full Tilt Poker Deposit Options

Full Tilt Poker offers plenty of good deposit options for real money players. Here they are:

US Players: Instant eChecks, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Cash Transfer, Click2Pay

Non-US Players: Neteller, Moneybookers, Instant eChecks, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Instadebit, Bank Wire, UKash

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